All of these trade ups give me so much nostalgia :'-)
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  1. Anomaly


    3 månader sedan

    The Anomaly merch in this video is going live tomorrow on the 4th of June 17:00 CEST ! if you're interested 👀

    • YT_ibims


      3 månader sedan

      can some one give me a knife pls my name is: remツ

    • Luft 32

      Luft 32

      3 månader sedan

      @Vibezz i know i just want to get rid of it but I don’t want a low price

    • Vibezz


      3 månader sedan

      @Luft 32 too expensive

    • Muhammad Nadhif

      Muhammad Nadhif

      3 månader sedan


    • galaxy on crack

      galaxy on crack

      3 månader sedan

      no way

  2. Rustamov ali

    Rustamov ali

    22 dagar sedan

    1:59 it is red gem

  3. ☢ツTheBritishGamerツ☢


    25 dagar sedan

    have u lost a thooth ?

  4. south european internet user

    south european internet user

    27 dagar sedan

    bro you forgot the " " sign near friends in the title

  5. Winooh


    Månad sedan

    Wtf happened to CSGO skins, case hardened was like 20 bucks a couple years ago.

  6. Edvinosis


    Månad sedan

    ME at the end of the video :-/

  7. Flip Filip

    Flip Filip

    Månad sedan

    he's holding his friends hostage

  8. BOT Nils

    BOT Nils

    Månad sedan

    petersson lowkwy looking like charles manson

  9. xDTuber MLG

    xDTuber MLG

    Månad sedan

    Martin looks like young Jair Bolsonaro

  10. Diego Upps

    Diego Upps

    Månad sedan


  11. PrinceZokey


    Månad sedan

    8:47 FINJER

  12. Daniel JW

    Daniel JW

    Månad sedan

    how do you check what tier blue gems are?

  13. Hayden Noecker

    Hayden Noecker

    Månad sedan

    Why did he pick his 3 quietest friends

  14. Tranium


    2 månader sedan

    Wait.... Anomaly has friends? Jk lol

  15. UmaU6


    2 månader sedan

    5:15 depression

  16. Mefuu


    2 månader sedan

    4 fat boomers

  17. Riccardo Calloni

    Riccardo Calloni

    2 månader sedan

    With my friends? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA stop kidding

  18. l Frizzly l

    l Frizzly l

    2 månader sedan

    Your "friends" have said maybe 5 words

  19. Rage


    2 månader sedan

    Classic risky trade ups while my friends sit behind me rethinking their life decisions.

  20. nrck1


    2 månader sedan


  21. det lilla barnet

    det lilla barnet

    2 månader sedan

    I like how pettersson and martin didnt say a single word

  22. Taush


    2 månader sedan

    Alex Martin and Pettersson looking like hostages

  23. IVsixthSenseVI 1

    IVsixthSenseVI 1

    2 månader sedan

    Your rise of kingdoms ad just made me come back to ur channel, not get rise of kingdoms

  24. DirtyDan


    2 månader sedan

    u can really see how much they hate him.

  25. Dan E

    Dan E

    2 månader sedan

    Slisky Penis with a bussiness tie. This is what millions years of evolution has brought us.

  26. Benjamin Andersson

    Benjamin Andersson

    2 månader sedan

    why does alex always look drunk hahahaha

    • DirtyDan


      2 månader sedan

      cause he probably is. He's an alcoholic

  27. KeGrIN4


    2 månader sedan

    Peterson fuckin viking mode

  28. Goodie


    3 månader sedan

    His friends dont even talk lmao

  29. “Lucky”


    3 månader sedan

    Every since his channel slowed down he sold out. Clear as day why he doesn’t perform anymore. Sad how poor the cs content creator era turned out.

  30. bluetoch1


    3 månader sedan

    +100kg squad

  31. HazarDouche


    3 månader sedan

    Ahhh yes,the discord mod council

  32. Aaron M.

    Aaron M.

    3 månader sedan

    This video made me realize skin autist is a term and I am one.

  33. castjiterbug #1

    castjiterbug #1

    3 månader sedan

    i kid you not at the start of the video i turned up the volume from alex talking so low then suddenly anomaly starts talking and i went deaf

  34. Don Macuha

    Don Macuha

    3 månader sedan

    The people at the back is so silent

  35. ApeX


    3 månader sedan


  36. SandwichGamer107


    3 månader sedan

    Friends? You mean hostages

  37. Fabian Mai

    Fabian Mai

    3 månader sedan

    Me: coming Home from school annoyed from all the autists in my class Also me: Watching the Most autistic man i've ever Seen and laugh

  38. Holammer


    3 månader sedan

    Four chunky bois that need to exercise more.

  39. Mr Doggo

    Mr Doggo

    3 månader sedan

    anomaly sad to say they kinda scammed me bruv: bitskins did rip but who give shit right?

  40. Michał Michał

    Michał Michał

    3 månader sedan

    8:57 sounds like a dolphin lol

  41. Alice Köhler

    Alice Köhler

    3 månader sedan

    Ehh games and SE-one isnt like it used to be. Sad.

  42. SvOrBo


    3 månader sedan

    Trade ups with Control, Ancient, Havoc collection ?

  43. OrangeC0rsair


    3 månader sedan

    Why tf Petersson look soo buffed of just fcking 𝓕𝔸𝓽

  44. cluttter


    3 månader sedan

    8yr old me asking my mom and her friends to check out my minecraft house be like:

  45. FAM


    3 månader sedan

    How do you check the tier of case hardened...

  46. Kareem Majeens

    Kareem Majeens

    3 månader sedan

    alex lookin a lil tipsy

  47. taxa king

    taxa king

    3 månader sedan


  48. GxCloud


    3 månader sedan

    Admiral BullDog just sitting casually on the corner.

  49. quovin official 2

    quovin official 2

    3 månader sedan

    You just opened a very rare desert eagle homogoblin Ruby patern

  50. Ancheng Bi

    Ancheng Bi

    3 månader sedan

    got the anomaly ad before the anomaly video 😎

  51. Galaxy


    3 månader sedan

    you can sell your friends for money tho...

  52. Afterfall81


    3 månader sedan

    The sheer amount of double chin presence in this historical event is staggering

  53. iLumo


    3 månader sedan

    Am I the only person who noticed he said 600 when it was 60 and he said 50 when it was 5

  54. Edward456


    3 månader sedan

    Dude your slaves is ruining your video

  55. Matschbuben


    3 månader sedan

    Imagine these Boys come 2 Steal your Girl xd

  56. The snorlax showシ

    The snorlax showシ

    3 månader sedan


  57. Marius4234


    3 månader sedan

    why is petersson homeless

  58. T7LL3R


    3 månader sedan

    Swedish Flom

  59. They Call Me Doggo

    They Call Me Doggo

    3 månader sedan

    Anomaly : im here with my friends. Me: are you sure about that?

  60. Bolt


    3 månader sedan

    can i buy skins from bitskins and sell on steam market? If not. Why not?

  61. Real Gnomed

    Real Gnomed

    3 månader sedan

    Dont go to bitskin i got scammed by them for 80 euro and yes its alot for a 14yr old

    • InUtero


      3 månader sedan

      @Real Gnomed then you werent on real bitskins xd gj

    • Real Gnomed

      Real Gnomed

      3 månader sedan

      @InUtero idk a trading bot Just toon my stuff and didnt return it

    • InUtero


      3 månader sedan

      how did you get scammed lmao

  62. Zfrty


    3 månader sedan


  63. MrTwiit


    3 månader sedan

    whos that bearded bum behind you ?

  64. Morgan Yhap

    Morgan Yhap

    3 månader sedan

    LMFAOO that bombed city background was toronto lets goo

  65. Gimme rent

    Gimme rent

    3 månader sedan

    Your "friends" are the part of green screen background

  66. Gimme rent

    Gimme rent

    3 månader sedan

    I'm from Chelyabinsk. All I want is the ticket from Chelyabinsk...

  67. Tsunxo


    3 månader sedan

    Where did you find these actors theyre pretty good at doing their job

  68. Decent


    3 månader sedan

    *Everyone put your fingger on mine * LOLOLOL

  69. yup this is askime

    yup this is askime

    3 månader sedan

    ur friends? u mean ur slaves that you finally let out ur basement

  70. AYR


    3 månader sedan

    О! Я тут живу 9:05

  71. Catachi Uchiha

    Catachi Uchiha

    3 månader sedan

    8:59 that sounds more like a hyena than a laugh

  72. Faze EaGlE

    Faze EaGlE

    3 månader sedan

    NOW he finally lost his v-card

  73. Mindkiller96


    3 månader sedan

    Petterson doing Raad the crazy arab cosplay.

  74. PoweredByGarfield


    3 månader sedan

    4 fat people losing money episode 1

  75. browning


    3 månader sedan

    "friends" xd

  76. Giph.


    3 månader sedan

    It's so akward anomaly is screaming on his own while everyone else just sits there watching him lose his money.

  77. LinVi


    3 månader sedan

    4 fat swedish milionaires

  78. I has ChezBurga

    I has ChezBurga

    3 månader sedan

    Alex was so damn quiet in the intro I turned the volume up to get earraped by Anomaly as always

  79. Azeirrayh


    3 månader sedan

    Notice how it’s the evolutions of beardless to bearded

  80. jensen


    3 månader sedan

    Can u open something good plz this is getting kinda boring

  81. PapaSteel


    3 månader sedan

    JESUS CHRIST PETTERSON LOOKS LIKE A VIKING. His beard is the lenght as that of Carlsson or Gandalf the blonde, before he got his 100ft away from school restriction.

  82. Re mo

    Re mo

    3 månader sedan


  83. Grqfes


    3 månader sedan

    his main deagle shoud be a hypnotic with the nametag being how many euros he lost with tradeups

  84. kuba88


    3 månader sedan

    Where the papa?

  85. Krono


    3 månader sedan

    why do the 3 of his “friends” look like 50 year old dads that were forced to be in the video with anomaly, and he was able to convince them since they were 7 shots of vodka in

  86. 3xT


    3 månader sedan

    Hope Petterson is doing better now :)

  87. GTM1906


    3 månader sedan

    My Xbox One S freaking did his last breath on this video , it went legendary. :)

  88. Dani


    3 månader sedan

    Why u have only fat friends?

  89. austinreyno


    3 månader sedan

    New lan video incoming

  90. Preasure


    3 månader sedan

    How much did u pay them?

  91. Pelle Ström

    Pelle Ström

    3 månader sedan

    Are you from sweden??

    • GTM1906


      3 månader sedan

      That's how fat he is.

    • GTM1906


      3 månader sedan

      Yes , he's sweden.

  92. Amir FARES

    Amir FARES

    3 månader sedan

    ALEX u are stupid why u wear green in front of a green screen 🤣🤣🤣

  93. Johny Sv

    Johny Sv

    3 månader sedan


  94. IIJay _

    IIJay _

    3 månader sedan

    nice merch on a greenscreen idea

  95. NOtap_EN3RGY


    3 månader sedan

    Petersson turned into Carlsson

  96. ZetkoCZ60


    3 månader sedan

    why is everyone fat

  97. Phan1om


    3 månader sedan

    Peterson looks like Jim Root

  98. KnightcorePrime


    3 månader sedan

    all thanks to anomaly now i know the bitskins website more than the owner.VERY NICE!!!

  99. Androlis


    3 månader sedan

    this video is so awkward to watch.

  100. Kyril Chadziew

    Kyril Chadziew

    3 månader sedan

    If we hit 100k likes on the video, Anomaly does a trip to Chelyabinsk