These are my picks for the best cheap CS:GO skins! :D
Thanks CS.MONEY for sponsoring this video:


  1. Anomaly


    4 månader sedan

    Thank you Mr. CS.MONEY for helping me gather the skins needed for this video back when I made the list!

    • Ahmad Sholih

      Ahmad Sholih

      Månad sedan


    • Lina marcela Gomez Tabares

      Lina marcela Gomez Tabares

      Månad sedan

      @Martin. 9

    • Pari Kumari

      Pari Kumari

      Månad sedan


    • risuraj risuraj

      risuraj risuraj

      Månad sedan

      @Martin. alalalalalalalalalalalslalalalslalalal ask slalalsl

    • risuraj risuraj

      risuraj risuraj

      Månad sedan

      @Martin. alalalalalalalalalalalslalalalslalalal ask slalalsl



    Dag sedan

    Me with 2usd inventory: Pretty cheap,Right? :*****(



    2 dagar sedan

    You one skin worth is more than my entire steam inventory.

  4. Jude Anderson

    Jude Anderson

    4 dagar sedan

    for the galil you should have added stone cold

  5. JoJo


    4 dagar sedan

    i dont get my gloves when i trade with a bot

    • JoJo


      4 dagar sedan

      what i gonna do ??

  6. D. F. X.

    D. F. X.

    4 dagar sedan

    For the mag7 the best skin in my oppinion is called Heat. It is a good looking skin and its colors are verry nice and clean

  7. Jaded Carton

    Jaded Carton

    8 dagar sedan


  8. Kaymagh


    8 dagar sedan

    When it says cheap but all the skins are 8times more expensive in your country i fucking love turkey

  9. ra1der


    9 dagar sedan

    this budgetpronunciation got me dead

  10. RfdMusicOfficial


    10 dagar sedan

    fake news grotto is best

  11. SpaceSankt


    11 dagar sedan

    0/10, shit list, he didn't say the MP9 | Sand Dashed BS is good.

  12. Hawary :P

    Hawary :P

    11 dagar sedan

    the M249 skin is so cheap. but not the gun.

  13. Matthew Noyes

    Matthew Noyes

    12 dagar sedan

    can we take a moment to realise that he didnt bring up the p250 asiimov, shameful

  14. Sunnier Voyage

    Sunnier Voyage

    12 dagar sedan

    Can u try and do a good one about knifes

  15. Jimpigs


    12 dagar sedan

    Some of these skins are alright but a few of them were gems

  16. Jimpigs


    12 dagar sedan

    This is good

  17. Cemil Yaran

    Cemil Yaran

    13 dagar sedan

    Anomaly : P200 fade for 12.5 dollars. Me: P2000 fade for 100 Turkish Liras :)

  18. Adrian Garcia JANY

    Adrian Garcia JANY

    15 dagar sedan

    5:49 where swag 7 :(

  19. Zaniel Bacani

    Zaniel Bacani

    16 dagar sedan

    What is the most cheapest knife???

    • salem


      15 dagar sedan

      on skinbaron a navaja rust coat goes for ~€45 rn

  20. Altair4611


    16 dagar sedan

    AK ratrod, looks good on any wear

  21. Altair4611


    16 dagar sedan

    M4 Magnesium

  22. Toxic Pickle

    Toxic Pickle

    17 dagar sedan

    Why does he pronounce the gun skin names so weird?

    • András Hoffmann

      András Hoffmann

      10 dagar sedan

      Because he isnt english -_-

  23. Jungerlake


    17 dagar sedan

    Anomaly manipulate market

  24. TheChaos00


    18 dagar sedan

    Are there any other skins like the Galil chatterbox that have unique mechanics ?

  25. Simplex


    18 dagar sedan

    fun Fact Daimyo is the japanese word for Feudal lord, so Violent Feudal Lord and Evil Feudal lord cool and cheap skins

  26. Loki Red

    Loki Red

    19 dagar sedan

    did papa beat you for not showing the grotto?

  27. Digitally Awesome

    Digitally Awesome

    20 dagar sedan

    We need Zeus skins

  28. Allan Ren

    Allan Ren

    21 dag sedan

    The tec 9 bamboo is the best

  29. Jaszkowa Enduro Team

    Jaszkowa Enduro Team

    22 dagar sedan

    5:09 i have deagle conspiracy minimal wear, its simple nice looking skin for good price (i bough it at winter time so it was around 9$ but i guess prices doesn't changed so much at all)

  30. FlossyCarp


    27 dagar sedan

    no m4a4-s decimator?

  31. Into Luxe

    Into Luxe

    Månad sedan

    15 € each is cheap? Nega u crazy

  32. Michael Rosenke

    Michael Rosenke

    Månad sedan

    There are so many better and cheaper pistol skins wtf

  33. 1capez


    Månad sedan

    hey i just got scammed on my stattrak stilleto knfie and much more skin anyone how has any skins that they could give me?

    • 1316


      19 dagar sedan

      Yeah bro I’ll give you some help

  34. doctor_alfa


    Månad sedan

    4:44 another good looking dualie skin is the Dualing Berettas Skin, in my oppinion better looking than the Royal Consorts

  35. v19 Darkness

    v19 Darkness

    Månad sedan

    csmoney has every skin 20% lower the skin on cs money: $17 on steam: $15 :|

  36. Patrik Hurtig

    Patrik Hurtig

    Månad sedan

    I actually like the Cyber Security for M4A4 and it's only 3,87€ on steam market

  37. Grandma Gertrude

    Grandma Gertrude

    Månad sedan

    p2000 Imperial dragon??

  38. korinette


    Månad sedan

    For anomaly 50 dollars is cheap for a skin

  39. Kalexi


    Månad sedan

    intro: sccweheden

  40. Tzrzzz


    Månad sedan

    Pov: you came to the comments to see if mcskillet commented

  41. Sameer


    Månad sedan

    M249 MAGMA! How can you forget Magma? Your favourite skin.

  42. Kenny XD

    Kenny XD

    Månad sedan

    Anomaly: You can have a really good looking inventory while not putting in more than 15 euro... Me: REALLY? Anomaly: per skin *CLOSES VIDEO*

  43. Kenny XD

    Kenny XD

    Månad sedan

    I like how he was sponsored by csmoney but he still show when csmoney is more expensive then steam market

  44. Chess Player

    Chess Player

    Månad sedan

    You think $10 is cheap?

  45. Matej


    Månad sedan

    Cheap skins :)))

  46. Who?


    Månad sedan

    Idk mb I'm gae,but lots of the skins were ugly af,ye all this souvenir shit and ak baroque something it's fuckin' disgusting,even tho the title says "best looking cheap skins"

  47. Massimuhh_


    Månad sedan

    P250 sand dune

  48. meme lord

    meme lord

    Månad sedan

    surprised, that scar-20 grotto isn't included, kinda sad

  49. fishiemann


    Månad sedan

    Sure, you could buy one of these, OOOR you could pull a gamer move and buy a souvenir p90 scorched earth and spend 2 extra dollars to name it "will Smith". but you know, whatever floats your boat.

  50. Esma Sabljic

    Esma Sabljic

    Månad sedan

    M4a1-s Nightmare???

  51. Tamás Péter Radványi

    Tamás Péter Radványi

    Månad sedan

    what about the scar 20 enforcer?

  52. ً


    Månad sedan

    10:15 why is minimal wear more expensive then factory new?

  53. Lutz Reinecke

    Lutz Reinecke

    Månad sedan

    Negev Bratatata is a fucking Meme OG skin!

  54. EC0


    Månad sedan

    I saw the Splash Jam i shat my self

  55. Nuzulul.maidah Maidah

    Nuzulul.maidah Maidah

    Månad sedan


  56. feniks


    Månad sedan

    5:03 The DIGEL

  57. No One

    No One

    Månad sedan

    Dualies Cartel looks good too

  58. C4ST0R


    Månad sedan

    I unboxed a kumichi dragon

  59. Integrierteralman


    Månad sedan

    Bro i had a vanilla butterfly back when it was under 100€. Now its worth more than 1000€. fuck my life 🚬😔 i also bought 1000 breakout cases and sold them when they were 17cent.

  60. Hazard


    Månad sedan

    Just came here to put dislike

  61. Elijah Catherall

    Elijah Catherall

    Månad sedan

    That intro

  62. Maurice


    Månad sedan

    Throwback to when the darkwing came out, days before the krieg nerf and I bought it for 35 euros 🥲🥲

  63. bretz


    Månad sedan

    Also ignores awp mortis

  64. bretz


    Månad sedan

    He really ignored the fever dream scout...

  65. jawadul hasan saad

    jawadul hasan saad

    Månad sedan

    m4 neo noir , ak point disarrays ,

  66. Rajat Rao

    Rajat Rao

    Månad sedan

    Where tf is fever dream awp and ssg

  67. Spineiac


    Månad sedan

    Not only are they not cheap, but most of them I wouldnt even buy for Leas than 15 cents 🙈

  68. jonteozzy


    Månad sedan

    Not alot of good deagle skins under 15 euros. Bronze Deco Meteorite Blue Ply Naga (one of my favorites of all deagle skins)

  69. Sven


    Månad sedan

    i have 90 cents your bastard that is not cheap

  70. Jandre Kroese

    Jandre Kroese

    Månad sedan

    At 4:16/4:17 The way he says Gucci though loool

  71. Fresh Polake

    Fresh Polake

    Månad sedan

    I would buy the electric hive for the awp it costs around 20€ and is og and u can only profit

  72. Venya Dawei

    Venya Dawei

    2 månader sedan

    the exoskeleton awp is like a walmart gungnir

  73. xLava Flame

    xLava Flame

    2 månader sedan

    For the m249, the spectre is a good skin, its very cheap and it looks like a budget asiimov. Also use the m4a4 converter skin with stickers to make a budget howl

  74. azile


    2 månader sedan

    how is this cheap lmfao

  75. kacpi owo

    kacpi owo

    2 månader sedan

    Not saying AWP safari mesh Bs with high float, actual dumbass

  76. Trexout


    2 månader sedan

    Weasel for the glock-18 be like:😂😃😀🙂😅🙃😑😒

  77. Awppenheimer


    2 månader sedan

    Should've chosen dragonfire for scout

  78. Flemming M. Hansen

    Flemming M. Hansen

    2 månader sedan

    What about LEGO skin?

  79. pssst its me Cybr3

    pssst its me Cybr3

    2 månader sedan

    the five seve kami is missing its the only skin which can have a couchie on its back

  80. Lonexx


    2 månader sedan

    p250 asiimov tho?



    2 månader sedan


  82. Valcha


    2 månader sedan

    What about the... AK-47 Frontside Misty M4A4 Desolate Space ?

  83. Tamás Virág

    Tamás Virág

    2 månader sedan

    finally anomaly understands our budget

  84. jacob teumer

    jacob teumer

    2 månader sedan

    Why not oxidblase deagle

  85. Melzy


    2 månader sedan

    deagle mecha industries is underrated

  86. Flamgeir


    2 månader sedan

    for anyone who wants another revolver that isn't the fade i recommend the reboot

  87. Sergej Podvinski

    Sergej Podvinski

    2 månader sedan

    All of them are like 30 dollars now lol

  88. Ayush Kumar

    Ayush Kumar

    2 månader sedan

    Anomaly: Best looking *cheap* skins Also Anomaly: €15 each Honestly, *Cheap skins* should be under €2.

  89. Roy Lin

    Roy Lin

    2 månader sedan

    It’s expensive bruh, I’m poor

  90. Slam


    2 månader sedan

    M4 - Flashback, only 50 cents, but it looks awesome

  91. NussigerBandit


    2 månader sedan

    Gutschi gang

  92. Ethan Lam

    Ethan Lam

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for artificially inflating the price of all these skins

  93. Rylie Valentine

    Rylie Valentine

    2 månader sedan

    Me ha industries deag: am I a joke to you?

  94. ozgur anil sekban

    ozgur anil sekban

    2 månader sedan

    10 euros is 100 for me

  95. Sean Skizzle

    Sean Skizzle

    2 månader sedan

    AWP fever dream robbed

  96. Xray96X


    2 månader sedan

    but... What about the AWP Mortis? That Skin is a pink one and is cheaper in FN

  97. iiqZxchary


    2 månader sedan


  98. Cartier


    2 månader sedan

    Or just buy a knife with all of those skins:)

  99. 94 Leon

    94 Leon

    2 månader sedan

    13:00 and 16:04

  100. Œīëß


    2 månader sedan

    Wait where are the agents???